When I traveled to a wedding in Italy, I didn’t expect this!

Traveling and weddings go hand in hand

That’s what makes my job so special. I’ve seedj_per_matrimoni_di_classen so many parts of the globe and my list keeps expanding. I’ve been to┬ásome really remote places, and some really fantastic places. In my travels I’ve met some of the best people I’ve ever known. Lot’s of my couples still stop by for coffee whenever they come to Halifax. I’ve been to Italy several times but one wedding I photographed there really stands our for me.

You won’t believe what happened on the dance floor!

So I’ve talked about the importance of hiring a professional DJ before. It’s evident that they are as important to your wedding as any other vendor. They control the tempo, emotion and overall vibe of the wedding reception. A good DJ can even motivate the wallflowers to get up and dance. Let me tell you about a time┬áthis wedding DJ really went above and beyond. Have you heard of choreographed wedding dances?

The professional DJ shines through, again!

So the bride and groom had practiced a choreographed dance, unbeknownst to all of the wedding guests (including the wedding party.) They had spent months practicing together almost every night in their spare time. It was a very difficult dance and it had a few technical moves that really required execution in time with the song they were dancing to. They had brought a USB stick with the song in .MP3 format for the DJ to play when they were ready to do it. They gave the USB stick to the DJ and went behind a curtain ready to start their dance.

Things get interesting as they were waiting to make their grand entrance

deejay_matrimonio_milanoSo their cue was going to be a flashing strobe effect of lights on the dance floor. The wedding DJ wasn’t informed of any of this before the wedding, but after a short discussion he agreed it could happen. So he went to plug in the USB stick and download the song to his equipment when he quickly realized a problem: the .MP3 file was corrupted! Here he was, with the bride and the groom ready to unveil months of hard work and dedication, and he wasn’t able to play the song they had specifically given him on a USB stick! Of course, this wasn’t his fault and many DJ’s in this situation would have just informed the bride and groom that it wasn’t going to work. I know, I’ve seen this happen.

Improvise and overcome! Wedding DJ to the rescue.

This DJ was different. Known for professionalism, he wouldn’t let a corrupted MP3 stop the big wedding moment. He quickly informed the bride and groom that he was having some ‘technical difficulties’ and that he was going to stall the crowd with a quick song. In retrospect, he told the bride and groom he was having difficulties because if he had told them their USB wasn’t working it would have caused them an incredible amount of stress. So he stalls the crowd, uses his mobile phone as a mobile hot-spot, finds this really obscure song on one of his networks, downloads it, and is ready to go in a matter of two minutes. He flashes the strobe and the bride and groom get the signal.

It blew me away, I took it in and got some beautiful photographs

The dance was incredible, I’m so happy they were able to pull it off. The crowd was entranced and it was as if the world stood still. Their timing was impeccable and it’s as if eprofessionalweddingdjlogo_Hi_resvery movement, every dip and twist, fit perfectly to every beat. The wedding DJ was even able to synchronize his lighting, which is quite extraordinary considering he had never even heard the song. This was a great example to me of how a professional really can go the extra distance for a client. It wasn’t about the money, or the esteem, he did it for the couple on their wedding day. I’ll never forget that moment!




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