When You Absolutely Positively Need The Best Prom Dress Ever

The Most Beautiful Prom Dresses on Earth

It isn’t unheard of, being a wedding photographer, to get requests to do other types of shoots. Often during graduation season I’ll get requests to do prom shoots. I love taking photographs of graduates, especially when they are all done up in their best. Also, as a photographer, it’s not uncommon to help a client through a problem. Recently, I was asked if I knew of anywhere that sold high end prom dresses and delivered them quickly. It just so happens, I do 🙂unspecified (2)

A little background on the prom dress fiasco of 2015

So she was in touch with me early in the year. She told me how her prom was coming up and how she loved my photography style. Awesome, who doesn’t love compliments?! I asked her about the location she had picked, if she wanted any of her friends in the photos, and all of the usual pre-shoot questions. It all went great and I marked the date in my calendar. Then disaster (almost) struck.

Don’t get stuck without a go-to dress shop!

I’ve been referring clients to thedressoutlet.com for years. I know they always have a cutting edge of fashionable selections, and they are always up to date with their stock. I have only ever heard amazing things about their sizing (“it fit perfectly”) and the delivery time is faster than lightning. When my prom dress girl called me in tears telling me how her current dress she ordered from a different company didn’t fit and was not even close to the image she ordered I knew she was going to ask to reschedule/cancel. I’ve faced this situation before and I handled it as I did any other situation requiring a beautiful, perfectly fitting and quick delivered dress. I told her to check out thedressoutlet.com and we didn’t even have to reschedule. I told her if the dress showed up and didn’t fit perfectly, wasn’t as described I wouldn’t charge her for the shoot. Of course, it showed up ahead of time and was even better than she imagined. She was thrilled and had an amazing prom, and I got some pretty awesome photos too. If you check them out right now you can even get 10% off a dress if you use the promo code Prom2016. How awesome is that?



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