Why An Opposite Journey Is Exactly What Your Soul Needs


An Opposite Journey Changed My Life

It was 2010 and I was all alone. The streets were wet and so was I. I knew that I had a week until my flight home and not enough money to last that long. I was walking the streets of Auckland, New Zealand.  I was lonely and sad, the friends I did have had embarked towards Australia days prior. Being broke and nearly returning home I didn’t feel like trying to meet any new friends. I just wished I was home. Looking back, it wasn’t until I was at my lowest point on that rainy Auckland afternoon that I started to turn my life around. I was in the middle of an Opposite Journey and I didn’t even know it.

Sometimes the answers we need are right in front of us

All I could focus on was the money I didn’t have and how lonely I had become. I didn’t even care that I was in a really amazing place with tons of great things to do and see. I lived for backpacking and it’s what got me into wedding photography in the first place. It was in Auckland that things started to make sense. I had a laptop and I knew I needed to make some cash if I wanted to eat and sleep over the next week. I was able to find some unsecured WiFi (it was 2010, this wasn’t hard to do) and I started searching the local job forums for anything photography related. That’s when I saw the ad:

Wanted: wedding photographer
Experience a bonus but not required
Must have prior photography experience

Up until this point I had never even considered making money with photography

I just loved taking photos. I had spent a ton of money on a DSLR before I left for abroad. I had a friend show me how to use it and then taught myself the rest while I was sitting on planes or trains or buses. There was always a book I could buy or a blog post I could read that would teach me the next aspect I wanted to learn about. Over the several years I had been backpacking I got pretty good – I was no longer satisfied with the typical touristy photos. I cared about angles. And lights and shadows. And composition. As I reread the ad I kept thinking to myself ‘I can totally do this’. I had to act. The wedding was for the next day – I thought they probably would have found someone but I should still send a message just in case.

A quick reply

It wasn’t 3 minutes after I send the email I got a response. “Yes – you sound perfect, can we meet to discuss?” That was it – the email that changed my life forever. I wrote back immediately and told them my situation and that I was happy to meet them anywhere in the city. We met, we clicked, and the next day I shot the wedding. Looking back I was in way over my head but the amount they were paying was so low they were thrilled with what I delivered. I think of providence and serendipity when I think of this story – I was meant to photograph weddings. It was the outcome of my Opposite Journey.

A travel blog for those who are ready for an adventure

I found out about Opposite Journey from a friend. I had thrown the term around a few times and they asked if I followed this blog. Another coincidence! The blog is huge for those interested in the travel scene – I subscribe and keep up with it every day. It’s great to see like minded people doing the same things I love to do. This blog totally inspires you to do the travelling you want to do. What is an opposite journey? It’s what you want it to be. It’s living your life on your own terms and enjoying every minute of it. No one is going to tell you how to live – it’s for you to figure out. Go and have your own opposite journey; find your life purpose and do what you love.

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