Why Cake Decorating Will Inspire Your Guests

Cake Decorating Can Be Daunting

But it doesn’t have to be! Remember when you were a kid and you used to help your mom ice a cake? Remember how simple that was and how it really made the cake *pop*? Decorating a wedding cake is no different, it just takes a little more patience and a lot more skill!

Use Fresh Flowers!

Yes! I’m talking real cut flowers! Have them match the flowers in your bouquet and the effect is instant. We lean on flowers so much when planning a wedding, it’s no wonder they are such a great fit for decorating cakes!

fresh flowers on cake
Fresh Flowers and a wedding ring make a beautiful photograph – One Blue Fish Photography

If you are looking for some DIY inspiration you must check out this amazing article from a colleague in the industry: How to Decorate a Wedding Cake with Fresh Flowers

They Look So Much Nicer!

Isn’t that what wedding planning is all about? It’s important we are satisfied with every aspect of our wedding day. We want our guests to enjoy themselves so we pay for the bar. We believe in a beautiful backdrop and setting so we book our dream venue. We cherish photographs so we book our favourite photographer. The cake is really the cherry on top of the entire day! Make sure you get some of those photographs of the cake, you’ll never want to forget how beautiful it is!

I’m Worried It’s Not Safe?

This is brought up all the time when we are planning weddings. People just don’t know if flowers on a cake are a great idea. Of course, there are some toxic flowers out there, this is no secret, but it doesn’t mean with a little bit of research and a reputable vendor you can be completely confident you are getting a beautiful, safe, cake! Check with your local botany society, they are often the best resources for local flora questions. Of course a google search is always a great resource as well. If you find that the flowers you picked for your theme turn out to be toxic, do not panic! There are so many safe alternatives that you can put on your cake and no one but you and then decorator will be the wiser! I’m telling you it can be done!

How much is too much?

This is entirely subjective and is completely up to you! I have been part of weddings that the cake is nearly completely covered in beautiful fresh flowers, and I have been to weddings where I have seen a few red roses as tasteful accents. Both looked fantastic and both were talking points for guests. After seeing the wedding photographs of the couples I absolutely loved the one with red roses! (I’m impartial, my fiancee proposed to me with a trail of red rose petals!) Just follow your heart and it will look great!

Just go for it!

These people are professionals. Cake decorating is what they do for a living. So if you aren’t going for the DIY method follow their advice and allow them to do the heavy lifting. With all you have on your plate (venue, hair and make up, photographer, stationary, the list goes on!) you can use this as an opportunity to check another item off your wedding to-do list and have a weekend with your fiancee drinking your favourite wine with your feet up by the fire!



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