Why creating a registry doesn’t have to be the worst thing about your wedding

We all know about registries

It’s that thing we’re supposed to do when we get engaged and we’re planning our wedding. That list or form at the department store where we put everything we want into a database and then hope that our friends and family remember the store we registered at… Nevermind any of that. That’s the thing, signing up for gift registries is supposed to be an enjoyable experience. It’s supposed to be like window shopping for your future life together. Registries don’t have to be so confusing, nor should they.

Is there an alternative to this confusing system?

Of course there is! Head over to MyRegistry.com. You’ve already created registries at some of the big box stores? No problem! The brilliant people who organize this fantastic service have made it as easy as clicking a button. You sync up your registries and before you know it you have them all nicely organized and in one place. Who thought wedding planning could be so easy?

You’re going to need to set some time aside.

The best thing about this website (I think) is that you are able to create a registry online, and you can put things onto it from any store in the world! You can choose gifts from small boutiques you never even though of. I like looking searching online for a small little shop in a city I really want to go to. I check out there online store and then add an item I really like.

You’d rather have your guests put money towards a trip?

This is my go to gift. Whenever I’m invited to a wedding as a guest (it does happen from time to time!) I always check if the couple has anything lined up for travelling. I love to travel and I love seeing people I know travel. If you are the kind of people who would rather your guests gifted you a vacation you can simply add travel or experiences to your gift list.

You’re the couple who has everything?

Or you just have really big hearts? If you want your guests to donate to charity in your name you can do that to. Just pick the charity you wish your donation to be sent to and BAM, your cash gifts are going to a great cause. Of course, if you would prefer the gifts as cash and then you choose yourself, well, you can do that to.

It’s basically the best invention for wedding planning ever.

It makes things so much easier. Registries never expire so you can keep yours around for when you buy your first home together and throw a house warming party. Christmas is just around the corner, you can use it for that, too. If only shopping for a dress and shoes, accessories, a venue and cake were this easy, you might be done your wedding planning by now!

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