Why I love to travel to Vietnam

Striking Landscapes

It’s why I keep going back. I’ve shot hundreds of weddings all over the world – I feel I’ve experienced¬†a lot of different landscapes. Vietnam is different every time I go back and it’s because the landscapes are ever changing. They come alive with the passing seasons and I’ve always found a stunning vista to photograph.

Vietnam Travel

Vietnam is full of vibrant history

With the brutal American war so recently in it’s past this small nation has rebuilt itself into a must see travel destination. I had the experience of shooting a wedding in Vietnam two years ago and before this I never really understood the history of the country. I took some time before the trip to immerse myself online to try and find the best sources of information on travel to Vietnam.

I wanted to dive right in

After reading up about the history on roughguides.com I really started to get excited about photographing this wedding.  I began to find all the inspiration I could find online and the couple came away with some really stunning wedding photographs.

I’ve been back to Vietnam every year since and I’m going to keep going until I can’t find anything else to do there – although I can’t see that happening in this lifetime.


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