Why I Love Wedding Sparklers and How They Will Transform Your Wedding

You need something to blow the socks off of your guests and make your photos pop!

Wedding sparklers hit the mainstream a few years ago and they haven’t slowed down since. Giving your guests sparklers and having a beautiful send off is the perfect way to end the night. You need to get them though, and then to co-ordinate the send off!

A sparkler send off will be the gem of your photo album

You pay so much for a photographer and you are buying an album. Wedding sparklers will be the perfect finish to your perfect day. photograph of bride and groom with wedding sparklersThere is a great online shop I always use: Wedding Day Sparklers and More, super reasonably priced and amazing shipping options. Seriously you need to check them out! As a photographer I’ve done so many sparkler photos and they all turn out differently, and they all turn out amazing. One thing I always tell my clients is to be sure to get lots of sparklers! Once people start seeing how much fun they are, no one wants to put them down!





Get the pop in your wedding you deserve!

What a fun way to end a wedding. Sparkler send offs are the best!

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