Why so many brides are getting away from limo rentals

It use to be such a big deal…

Renting a limo for your wedding. Everyone was doing it. Heck, it even became the norm to rent a limo for your prom! What happened to this trend and why has it slowly and silently disappeared? Is it because of the price, or did they just eventually become too tacky even for the most flashiest of weddings.

Limos are big and ugly, and you don’t want big and ugly

I often talk about the internet and how the global community has really benefited the wedding industry. One thing that I am seeing more of is the use of Uber during the course of a wedding day. You can hire a luxury car for a very reasonable price and for a time frame that works just for you. Big and ugly limos would charge flat rates and sit parked for hours upon hours. This suited them fine, but when the bride and groom are on the dance floor why are they still paying for a service the aren’t using? With Uber, you can arrange a vehicle for exactly when you need it. When you get where you need to be that’s it, you say good bye and you pay for exactly what you use.

Uber drivers can be pretty special.

We’ve all had that cabbie who really fit the stereotype. Chatty, smelling bad, and a terrible driver. How many of us just wanted to watch the world go by but kept being interrupted by an arrogant cab driver? Uber drivers are rated by their passengers. If a driver is rude, they will get a bad rating and have less success having people hire them. You can be certain you are going to get a professional and courteous driver. One driver wrote a book about her experiences! It’s a must read for anyone. If you don’t understand how Uber works this will give you a really good understanding.

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