Why You Aren’t Having The Most Enjoyable Travel Experiences

Travelling can be hard on your body and soul

I’ve logged thousands of miles by air, land and sea and despite all of the wonderful things I’ve done and all of the amazing places I’ve seen it hasn’t been without cost. Travelling is hard on the body – it’s not surprising. With so many different locations and so many different people we meet along the roads out bodies are exposed to a tremendous amount of stress. Stress elevates cortosol, the stress hormone, and that brings in an entire host of bad news for you.

Safe alternatives to modern medicine.

Modern medicine has it’s place – don’t get me wrong. I’m a firm believer in using the wonders ofaromatherapy modern technology to help us lead healthier lives. How many people would have had years robbed off the end of their lives had they not used diabetic or heart medications? Still, with that being said, I will always opt for the alternative method when I can, and travelling is a great opportunity.

I’ve been really happy with aromatherapy

Over the last couple of years I’ve used aromatherapy to help me with common travellers problems. Anxiety and motion sickness are two great examples where organic aromatherapy can help lessen the prevalence of both. A company I am super impressed with is AlternavEssentials, these people do it right. 


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