Wilmington Delaware Wedding Photographer – Spotlight: Moonloop Photographers

Pay attention future brides: Delaware Wedding Photography just got real.

Well, it’s been real for awhile now – the amazing people that run Moonloop Photography that caters specifically to Chester and Lancaster County Pennsylvania as well as Delaware are getting the spotlight today. Let’s take a look at their work and talk about what exactly makes them the amazing wedding photographers you are looking for.

All wedding photography is not created equal.

Far from it. As a wedding photographer myself I can speak from experience; the industry is mostly unregulated which leads to some interesting happenstance. Sure, there are a lot of duds that are making the industry not look as good as it could, but I feel like that’s the case in any industry that is unregulated. Just look at ‘therapy’ or ‘counselling’ as examples. Anyone (in Canada at least) can hang a shingle on their door and call themselves a therapist. Does that mean you want that person psychoanalyzing you on a chair in their basement? Probably not. The amazing thing about the wedding photography industry is that it produces some of the most exception artists in photography. Period.

What makes Moonloop so awesome?

Remember how I said the industry is pretty much unregulated? There is a regulatory body that professional wedding photographers can apply to be a part of. The international society of professional wedding photographers exists to oversee the best and most worthy wedding photographers. The requirements to join are very strict – you know as soon as you see the badge you are dealing with some very talented people. That’s just the beginning though; you’ve really got to stop by their website and see some of their work. They have a distinct style that is timeless and breathtaking.

Distinct style? Wait a sec… what do you mean by style?

If you’ve been shopping around for wedding photography you may have noticed there are a few distinct styles of wedding photography. As an artist I feel we have all gone through some kind of evolution to end up at the style we are shooting at. I know that’s how it worked for myself. I began shooting with a vision of creating what I can only describe as ‘light and airy.’ You know these photo’s – often overexposed a little and with a pastel colour palette. This is a safe style to attempt and when executed correctly it can be very very beautiful. I shot this way for about 3 years, it’s only recently I’ve started to experiment with the next style I’m going to describe. This style is a little on the darker side, often is more contrasty and again in my opinion is packed full of emotion. The thing is, this style is technically a lot more difficult than any other style. For reasons I’m not going to get into here (if you’re learning photography and want to know why it’s more difficult just email me) this style is reserved soley for the best of the best. It’s because only they can pull it off. When you attempt to shoot weddings with this style in mind and you fail… you fall flat on your face. Moonloop Photography absolutely nail it. They are what photographers like myself try and emulate. They do it all right.

You deserve beautiful photos of the best day of your life.

I’m telling you this not as a wedding photographer but as a married person. When I look back on my wedding day I think of the amazing memories. It was such an exciting day, it really went by in a blur. We decided to hire a professional wedding photographer (this was before I became a wedding photographer) and I’m so glad we did. We had to make some cuts for our budget to allow it – we invited about 20 less guests and cut some of the drinks off the bar menu to be able to afford it. It was the best decision of planning the wedding. Looking through those pictures I still find moments I had forgotten about, details I had missed. Guests sharing conversations when we were off on the dance floor. Smiles and laughter. Our wedding album is one of, if not the most cherished posession in our home. We keep it on the coffee table and go through it all the time. If you are in Chester or Lancaster County, or anywhere in Delaware, even if you are hosting a destination wedding you really need to consider Moonloop photography. Don’t wait around though – these guys book up quick. Check out their work and you’ll see exactly what I mean when I say this is what wedding photography is all about.

Moonloop Photography


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