You deserve an amazing vacation; start with an exceptional ride from the airport


I love the airport in London

I really do; Heathrow is always one of the best places to 1645485844_76429fa21d_bget a feel for the city. I’ve been to London, Essex, and the Southend and I’ve never had a trip I didn’t get the very best airport travel arrangements.

I’m exhausted after flying;

I live in Halifax, (Nova Scotia, not the U.K) so all of my flights to London are trans-atlantic. The last thing I want to do when I land is have to scramble and try and line up transportation. I always like to relax and book a beautiful luxeery S Class Mercedes. I’ always booked Scott’s Southend Airport Travel. I know they are going to arrive ahead of time so there is no waiting around getting hassled by taxi drivers.

Travel to the hotel in style

As a professional I know how important appearances can be. I want to arrive in style and show my potential clients that I know how to be classy. Arriving to the hotel in a luxury Mercedes Benz sure does the trick. When your driver gets out and opens your door and then unloads your luggage – you know you are in for an excellent stay.

Don’t short-change yourself – have a great trip

Let’s face it – taxi’s and busses are really not great at all to travel in. They are cramped and you have to contend with other people just to sit down. They might have been OK when you were a young 20 something travelling from hostel to hostel but now that you are a business professional you deserve better. Scott’s Southend Airport Travel is just what you need.


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