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Honeymoon in Los Cabo? You need VIP Transportation

Planning a destination wedding or your honeymoon in Los Cabo Mexico is a great idea. It’s a beautiful place to travel and your guests are sure to enjoy themselves. I love photographing weddings in Mexico – there are so many amazing things to see and do. One thing that could be overlooked when you are doing that wedding planning is your transportation options. I always recommend Benchmark Management.

Why you need professional transportation for your wedding

I’ve photographed well over 400 weddings all over the world. I’ve seen some good ones, and I’ve seen some bad ones. I’ve seen one’s that were perfectly organized and went off without a hitch and I’ve seen some that made me wonder if the couple had put an ounce of planning into their wedding day. I can always tell the organized couple the minute I find out they have arranged transportation for themselves and their guests – especially at a tropical destination. Professional transportation is going to make your trip so much more enjoyable. You don’t need to worry about directions or timings. You can relax knowing your stuff is in good hands.

This is what happens if you don’t hire transportation

Let me tell you a story. I was shooting a wedding in the mid 2000’s in Los Cabos. 14000182607_8f3eeb429c_zThe bride and groom were super friendly and outgoing (I still meet them a few times a year for coffee.) The bride really wanted some photographs taken at a church she had found online. While I admit the photos were gorgeous (I knew the photographer – he’s amazing) I was a little concerned about actually getting to this church. We couldn’t find great directions online and most of the locals didn’t seem to know what church we were talking about. Nevertheless we attempted to find it. This is where we got in trouble.

We got lost

Quickly. We had hired a cab which actually turned out to be the worst idea we could have had. Cabbies in Mexico are not all that different from cabbies in America. They don’t like to14000186200_2a284bf8af_z admit when they are wrong. In fact, this cabbie seemed to know the church we wanted to go to more than we did. When we arrived at a church (not the church we wanted to get to) he insisted we were at the correct one. It was confusing, some people raised their voices, and the end result was us standing in a cloud of dust at the wrong church with the cabbie driving off in the distance.

Benchmark Management to the rescue!

We decided to try and get some shots anyways – we were there after all, might as well make the most of it. As we were finishing up we approached a patron of the church and asked if they might know how we could get back to the coast. They were gracious enough to tell of us Benchmark Management and their professional transportation and security services. We asked if they could call for us – and they did. Within 20 minutes 3 white SUV’s showed up with impeccably dressed drivers. We negotiated a rate and were whisked back to our resort and partying with the crowd as if we’d never left.

Don’t make the same mistake we did

Hire this professional transportation company immediately. Don’t wait until you are stranded somewhere far from where you want to be. It’s going to make your Los Cabo wedding so much more fun.

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