You don’t want to forget this for your wedding!



You think you covered everything? Maybe not!

So you’ve spent countless hours preparing for your wedding. You talked to all of your friends and family and considered everything possible that you could want or need for your wedding day. The reception is planned out and it’s going to be perfect. The venue is Steph&Luke-446beautifully decorated. The head table has amazing centerpieces with those little flowers that float in water. Did you remember to book an Asian wedding stage?

I couldn’t believe the impact of just one simple rental

DSC_2505We are always trying to maximize the value of our rentals. Sometimes it’s a numbers game (200 chair covers for $150!) Sometimes it’s more about the value or quality of an item. Why then, do we so often overlook the obvious? To me, the most impacting rental of all has always been a beautiful wedding stage.

Wedding stages ‘lift you up’

Let’s face it; your wedding is all about you. Your friends and family have come from all across the globe to see you on your best day. You don’t want the people at the back of the room hardly able to see you – and you want to see them. An Asian wedding stage is the answer. You want to bring attention to yourselves in a beautiful way. Check out wedding stages for your wedding and ‘raise the bar’!asian wedding stage

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