You won’t believe how beautiful weddings in Punta Cana can be!

We all have that dream destination

couple holding hands on beach looking at each other

The one that has always called out to us.  The one spot we’ve thought of since we were children. If I go away to get married it’s going to be in the Dominican Republic. It’s going to be in Punta Cana. There are so many reasons to get married in the Dominican Republic and to give you another reason I have to talk about this photography
studio that captures the most amazing images. You need a photographer in Punta Cana. If you haven’t heard of Pink Film than you have either had your head buried in the hot Dominican Republic sand or you haven’t been on the internet since 2002.

Is there anything more difficult than hiring a wedding photographer?


I don’t think there is. It’s tough in this day and age of information exchange, fake reviews and fake likes on facebook. Sometimes what you see isn’t exactly what you get and it’s all of our fears to end up with a vendor who is not quite as good as we thought they might be.
It’s happened to people I know and I’ve seen the fallout. Want a legit, bonafide, awesome photographer in Dominican Republic?

Model in white bikini facing camera

Pink Film is a registered firm. Officially.

In the Dominican Republic. That says a lot. That says more than hundreds of online reviews and thousands of facebook likes. Once you see their work it’s going to be a sure thing. You had just better hope they aren’t booked the day you need them!


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