You’ll be able to travel much further if you follow this advice.

From Halifax to Hartford

I travel a lot. Following brides and grooms not only around Canada and the United States, but the globe, I’ve learned a lot about the best places to stay and the most affordable way to stay there. I often use booking codes and promotional codes. Are you usually booking your hotel from it’s actual website? That’s a mistake. You’re going to be paying the absolute highest price for your accommodations and I can tell you how to get a discount.

Promo Hotel Booking Codes! It’s the only way to book.

I like money. Most of us do. If I can save money that’s even better, because it means I can travel more. I always look for the best hotel discount reservations  I can find and they are always at

Save your money for entertainment, have fun!

It doesn’t matter where you are going, an extra $40, $80, or even $200 can go a very long way. It’s an extra night out at dinner, a ticket to a concert or show, money towards a car rental or a gallery pass. Hotels are great, I do love staying at them, but I love saving money even more. Check out that website for some promo codes next time you book a hotel and let me know how much you saved! I’m up to $700 since January. I even stay locally here in Nova Scotia!

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